Escape from Stress at a Yoga Retreat

One of the biggest stressors in Indonesia and around the world is money. There never seems to be enough. Many people dream of an escape from reality, bills and daily life. However, most high-end resorts just cost too much money. Instead, try a yoga retreat that will teach guests how to relieve stress. They also often cost less than a luxurious vacation.

Spending less does not have to mean giving up luxury though. The Blooming Lotus Yoga Resort in Bali is one of the best kept secrets to relaxation around. With several on-site pools, guests can bask in luxury at-will. Each remarkable suite boasts a full kitchen, spacious sitting area and private room with a full private bath. Every room has a private view of the river and well-maintained garden. The jungle retreat is perfect for finding some calm and peace away from schedules and deadlines. There is a restaurant on the property that serves not only delicious, but also healthy food so guests will feel their best during their stay.

On top of these many exquisite features, the Blooming Lotus Yoga Resort also offers relaxing yoga classes twice a day. In the morning, the class is meant to invigorate and prepare students for the day ahead. In the evening, it will help each person unwind both physically and mentally. The trained instructors focus on the needs of every individual to help each one find inner peace and the yoga moves that are right for them. At the end of a week-long retreat, each participant will be ready to practice yoga on his or her own. The meditation and relaxation skills learned at the retreat will stick with each person and help in daily life back home.

The relaxation skills learned mixed with the luxury of a top-notch resort and affordable pricing makes the Blooming Lotus Yoga Resort one of the best choices for a getaway in Bali. Whether escaping alone or with another person, there are activities for everyone. Located in the middle of the beautiful jungle, guests have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. Visit to learn more and book a trip.