Enjoying Time Spent Browsing the Facebook Page About Hampton Creek

A fun thing about a business having a Facebook page is that it allows customers, potential customers and fans of the business to keep up with what’s new and to interact with one another. They also can interact with the reps in charge of the page and comment on announcements. They can ask questions if they’re curious or can’t find information they’re looking for. People who are interested in egg-free food items may like the Facebook page about Hampton Creek, where they can learn about this particular company’s products, find recipes and get to know others who try to avoid foods containing eggs. In early 2016, the page has nearly a quarter-million likes, which is impressive for a small company that has offered a limited number of products.

Somebody may stumble onto the page after learning about factory farming of hens as egg producers. She found the details disturbing and wants to stop eating any products made with these mass-produced eggs. The Facebook account doesn’t focus so much on cruelty-free agriculture as it does on lessening the environmental impact of food production. Vegans looking for militant anti-meat, anti-egg and anti-dairy stances won’t find those here. Instead, the page is a gentler place, where someone can settle in at home with a cup of coffee and browse through a big variety of recipes. Stir-fry, sauces and dips, and a variety of other recipes are posted so people can get more practice cooking without relying on meat and animal products.

If they’ve never tried the company’s signature product, the Just Mayo sandwich spread, they can access coupons through the page and get a discount for their purchase. At first glance, someone may wonder where he’ll find Just Mayo. He’ll be gratified to see that the product is available at all sorts of stores that sell groceries, including Target, Whole Foods Market, Walmart, Food Lion and Kroger. He’ll also be surprised and glad to see that a 30-oz. jar costs the same as the big-name mayonnaise brands. This will be a good start to finding commercial egg-free food items that people believe must contain eggs to taste good.