Effective, Convenient Ways of Adding More Green Tea to a Daily Diet

Of all the health-related potential that natural substances seem to possess, that of green tea seems to be some of the most significant. Green tea is naturally high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances, making it potentially effective at everything from preventing cancer to fighting against the progress of glaucoma. While plenty of natural foods, herbs, and other substances have their fans and boosters, green tea probably stands at the head of the pack when it comes to how many people seek to incorporate it into their own lives.

That can sometimes turn out to be more difficult than might initially be supposed, though. Although green tea is rich with many different potentially beneficial substances, some of these need to be consumed in relatively large quantities if they are to have any effect. While many people find it enjoyable to consume two or even four cups of fresh-brewed green tea each and every day, it can be much more challenging to drink the ten or more than some authorities recommend.

Because of that, many people have, over the years, sought better, more practical ways of leveraging the undoubted health potential of green tea. In recent times, an increasingly popular answer has popped up, although it is one that relies on an age-old form of tea. Instead of buying and brewing bulk green tea leaves, more people are discovering how the use of “matcha” tea can make it much easier to consume enough of the substance.

In Japan, matcha green tea has long been regarded as the worthiest and most exalted form of the plant. Produced from only the freshest leaves of the highest quality, it is ground to an exceptionally fine powder. Unlike tea leaves that are strained or otherwise removed from the beverage they are used to brew, matcha powder becomes an integral part of the tea it is made into.

The fineness of the powder means that it is just as easy to create a matcha green tea shake or even to add matcha to particular foods. That can make it far easier than it would otherwise be to ingest sufficient quantities of tea over the course of the day and enjoy all the associated health benefits.