Eatology Reviews: The What and Why of This Popular Eating Plan

The paleo-zone diet has become a popular eating plan that many cross-fit participants have chosen to practice. Of course, anyone can choose to incorporate this eating plan into their life whether or not they are involved with cross-fit.

Combining two popular diet plans, paleo and zone, this is designed to be a way of life not just a diet. Paleo eliminates from the diet anything a Paleolithic person would not have had access to in their daily life. Meat, vegetables, nuts and berries are the main choices. Water and some types of tea are the only beverages typically allowed.

Followers of the Zone diet are most concerned with keeping hormone levels balanced. This means what you eat, when you eat and the combination of certain foods together are all carefully planned. By combining the Zone diet with the paleo diet people have been able to create a very effective, but difficult method of getting and staying healthy.

The difficult part of the paleo-zone diet, as it is with many diets, is finding the time to properly prepare meals that meet the guidelines of the plan. Meals have to be planned out far in advance, so all of the food groups required are available.

Eatology is a company that was created to meet the need for this type of eating plan. It provides a huge amount of variety with carefully balanced, healthy meals. The creator of the company, herself a follower of the paleo-zone diet, has developed all of the recipes, carefully following the plans strict guidelines.

The eatology reviews have been very positive. The benefits of the plan include separate meal plans to meet the specific needs of males and females. The extensive list of recipes are rotated every week so boredom or feeling deprived is never an issue.

Despite the delicious meals, the extras available from the company are some of their most exciting features. There are cooking classes you can join to learn meal preparation for yourself. Nutrition classes, group grocery shopping trips and a 24-hour help line to keep you on track are all extras most people would not expect from a company selling diet meals.