Drug and alcohol treatment in Florida

Florida, the second largest state in the USA has recorded statistics in regard to drug and alcohol use among the young and the old. It is documented that 10% of their 6th graders binge drink and the statistics increase by thirty percent by the time these children are in high school. According to USA residents, this is taking more than four bottles of beer at a sitting for women and five and above for men. This is alarming because children at that age consuming that amount of alcohol in a row, is an explosion in waiting. Thus, it is not so strange that Florida has been nicknamed the ìpill state.î

The effects of binge drinking include; alcohol poisoning whose symptoms are vomiting, confusion, difficulty in breathing and sleeping which may drift into unconsciousness among others. Binge drinking has sent many to the ER and worse still, some to their death beds. Other drugs commonly used include inhalants such as smoked marijuana, cocaine and among others. This is a clear indication that these children are likely to become full blown alcoholics. The statistics gathered as shown above, is a clear indication that the rehabilitation centers in Florida will be functional for many more years to be able to stem the drug and alcohol prevalence.

Some of the advice available at the moment is to try and combat the menace by parents educating their children on the effects of abusing drug and alcohol. This is to stem it from the root so that you prevent them from getting into addiction and thus; they will have no need for drug and alcohol addiction treatment This is not an easy task. Nevertheless, it can be achieved by trying to understand their children’s environment and the challenges that they are up against. This will enable them to give better guidance. Besides, children can be involved in other mentally stimulating activities that would keep them away from engaging in harmful activities. As it is well known, An idle mind is the workshop of the devil.

Now considering the children already addicted and adults who are in so deep, there are measures that fight this problem that have been initiated. There are, therefore, many rehabilitation centers available for both intensive ad extensive treatment, available to inpatients and outpatients. Many of them use different approaches but mostly, their target is to make the program as customized as possible for the patient and in a remarkably serene and comfortable environment, for the patient’s wellness.

In these treatment centers, both individual and group therapy is used in combination with medical treatment and psychological counseling. These are the measures used to enable the patient identify and stay clear of situations that trigger the need to be dependent on drugs and alcohol. Family members become part of the process of encouraging the patient and making them feel accepted.