Drinking Premium Tea Can Have Good Health Benefits

When a person drinks premium teas such as matcha green tea, the flavor and enjoyment is there along with many health benefits. When one drinks matcha green tea on its own, or in other recipes, there can be long-lasting health benefits that go beyond having a nice hot cup of tea. Matcha tea powder can be used in hot tea or used in things like lattes, smoothies, and baked goods. This special organic tea is more expensive than a box of ordinary tea bags but does so much more.

Matcha tea comes in different grades and forms but if the customer purchases the premium tea, organic product, the benefits are well worth the investment. This special tea powder is credited with giving those who consume it all day energy and focus, a weight loss boost with calorie burning properties, improved skin health, and relaxing properties. This organic tea boasts high levels of antioxidants that help slow the effects of aging and give the person using it a boost in metabolism. Regular use of matcha tea powder can contribute to better overall health.

What is organic matcha green tea powder? How is it made? Matcha green tea powder is a special form od tea that comes from Japan and China where it is raised in a special labor intensive way. Growers choose areas that are misty and foggy, such as near rivers, to grow a special variety of green tea plants. These plants are hand cultivated and covered with bamboo mats or tarps for a few weeks before harvest to increase the green color and chloroform content. After hand picking, these tea leaves go through a special process involving steaming, air drying, de-stemming, and grinding on stone grinding wheels. No artificial color, preservatives, or additives are added. Matcha green tea powder has no sugar or gluten in it.

Matcha organic green tea powder comes in different grades that can include ceremonial, culinary, classic, premium, cafe grade, and kitchen grade in order of quality and price. The customer will purchase the grade that best suits their taste and use of the tea. When shopping for this tea powder look for a bright spring green color and avoid faded or army green shades. For more information, please visit the website.