Discover the History of Hampton Creek

Although veganism has been practiced for centuries, it has now become more mainstream which has led to an explosion of vegan products on the market. Today’s vegans are not only concerned with not eating animal products, they also avoid purchasing non-food products that are being created using animals. In the past, there were few vegan companies in the food market. Over the last ten years, an influx of companies has been introduced, including hampton creek.

This company has worked to rise above the status quo by offering unique food choices that are normally not available for vegans. Any food product that requires eggs was often off limits to vegans because of their beliefs. Unfortunately, there was no plant-based substitute for eggs so food manufacturers had a difficult time creating any food products that required the addition of eggs.

After careful research, it was discovered there was a protein plant source that allowed for the creation of an egg substitute. Unlike other failed substitutes, this protein allows for the same flavor, texture, and appearance as a true chicken egg. To the delight of vegans all over the world, this research has led to a host of innovations in creating vegan food products.

The first product the company began working on is Just Mayo. Unfortunately, most vegan mayonnaise is sorely lacking in flavor and texture. Armed with their research, they began creating delicious vegan mayonnaise that truly offered an alternative to traditional egg-based mayo. When vegans began tasting this mayo, they were amazed at how closely it tasted to traditional mayo.

From their Just Mayo, they began producing cookie products that have created quite a stir. These products are now being offered in many schools as a healthy vegan alternative to traditional animal product foods. The kids who try these cookies do not see them as healthy because they taste like traditional cookies made with animal products.

Those who have not yet tried the Just food products are urged to taste them for themselves. You will be amazed at the taste these products offer. A simple bite will amaze you and have you wondering how these foods could possibly only contain plant products.