Dandelion Tea and How It Benefits the Kidneys

Walk outside and look around. There are bound to be dandelions anywhere one looks. No matter how hard many humans try to eradicate these plants, they seem to return again and again. This isn’t a bad thing, as dandelion root tea provides numerous health benefits. In fact, many now look to kidney detoxification and dandelion tea to improve their health. What benefits may be seen when a person chooses to drink dandelion tea?

Dandelion tea offers diuretic properties. With use of this tea, the function of the kidneys is stimulated, and this leads to increased urine output and urine flow. The tea contains a number of vitamins, including A, C and D, along with essential minerals like zinc, iron and potassium. This helps to replace any potassium lost in the urine, and people have been using the tea for many years now, in an effort to alleviate a wide range of conditions, such as digestive problems and kidney disease.

The tea helps to reduce inflammation in the body, while also dissolving kidney stones. When a person develops a kidney stone, he or she can drink the tea to help break the stone up. It may then be passed through the body naturally. Speak to a doctor to determine if this will be of help in your situation.

When using the tea, people often find they pick up fewer viruses. With use of the tea and an herb known as uvaursi, women find they can decrease the incidence rate of urinary tract infections, also by increasing the production and flow of urine. Bacteria is unable to attach to cells found on the bladder wall, which helps to prevent kidney infections which originate in this organ. This is of great benefit to those who find conventional antibiotics no longer work, as they have become resistant to the drugs commonly used to treat this condition.

Dandelion root tea offers numerous health benefits for many parts of the body. The kidneys are not the only organs which benefit from regular use of this tea. Try it today to see how your health improves. Once you see the benefits, you may wish to drink the tea on a regular basis to further boost your health and well being.