Communicating Difficult Emotions with Art at the Sedona Sky Organization

Many troubled teen girls close up when they find life too demanding. That closing off can make parenting extremely difficult. Should a parent respond with hard lined discipline? Is it better to lean back and give them a leash they find acceptable and considerate? It can be exhausting to find the right response when a troubled teen is closed off and not providing any evidence for where the line even should be.

The Sedona Sky Organization integrates art in a therapeutic manner. Read the latest post on to get an idea of what the organization offers. One of the clearest goals in the Organization for troubled girls is communicating through art. That skill is learned, and it is incredibly adaptable.

It is during the teen years where we start asking the big questions in life. Depression commonly sets in. teens are learning what kind of person they want to be, and that forces a lot of emotional demands. These emotions are internalized because teens (and ultimately, people in general) lack a clear method for channeling these emotions. They come out in the form of anger, fear, and basic emotions.

Teens have deep feelings, but they do not know how to communicate them. The emotions are too complex for clear communication, and that creates a blocker. Art is the perfect outlet. It can convey deep thoughts. It can convey the complexities of emotions because art is vague and up for interpreting and understanding. It is the perfect place to learn and explore these big questions. It is often why films, music, books, and other art forms explore the big questions in life. Art may be the best way to process complex emotions. It may be the only way.

The Sedona Sky Organization uses art for these means. The team members channel detailed and dense emotions through the creation of art. The troubled girls find some clarity. They not only ask the questions that matter, but they find comfort in asking them in the right format. Responding to a troubled teen girl with hard discipline may miss the point. All they need is a way to harness their big emotions.