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How Writing Achieves Various Purposes Not everyone that can write has the ability to make the most out of it. Different factors will influence how writing is done, and a writer must first understand these before they can start on the practice. Education, entertainment and recording of events are some of the reasons why writing is so critical to humans and how they live. People have been writing from time immemorial. It has been of the most basic ways for people to communicate with each other. Technology and its dramatic evolution has influenced writing techniques which continue to change as at time goes by. People write for many reasons, and the audience reads for various reasons. One of the goals that writers have is to entertain readers. There are works that are written with the purpose of providing amusement and enjoyment. These types of writings may range from fiction to non-fiction to literature. The languages used in writing will also vary with many distinguishing factors. Written works meant for entertainment will have some basic elements like a story that readers can relate to. There are also literary devices that are used like hyperbole, irony, metaphors and imagery among many others. There is also the aim to educate through written materials. People that want educational literature materials on virtually anything under the sun can have access to it. There are school books and educational literature that is meant to feed the mind. People will require different types of written works to provide for the needs they have.
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It is difficult to limit learning to just seeing and hearing. Writing provides an extra advantage because someone can go back and read the same text again if it wasn’t understood. The level of education will dictate the comprehensive nature of the writing. For instance, a book meant for a 10-year old child will be different from a college literature book.
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Inspiration is also another goal of producing literary works. There are writers that work for that purpose alone. There are different ways that inspirational materials provide motivation. The four basic techniques of writing which are descriptive, narrative, persuasion and expository will be used in these works. It is up to the writer to use a technique that would be suitable for their readers. A writer must clearly understand what they are hoping to achieve before they can start on anything. It would be less challenging to decide on a writing method when you have that purpose in mind. Writing is no longer restricted to paper. There is the use of online means to find reading materials. It has become necessary for writers to move with the times. The requirements for online writing may be a little different from traditional literary works. The audience that writers have now is changing in so many ways. Writing now requires a keen attention to the evolving audience to ensure written works are suitable.