Can You Really Text Your EX Back?

If you are wondering if you can truly text your ex back, the answer is yes, you absolutely can. You just need to know how to do it. However, before you begin, ask yourself if this is what you want. Often after a breakup one or both parties will begin to wonder if they have made a mistake. If this sounds like you, take a night to think about your relationship. Think about the good, and the bad. If in the morning you decide that you would like to give it another shot, read on for information on how to text your ex back.

Why text?

The main reason for texting is that it puts you in control. You can initiate contact, you can then cut off contact if you desire. You also have time to think about what you want to say. A face to face meeting, or telephone call does not give you this control. Seeing your ex in person, or hearing his voice on the phone can also make it difficult to remain objective, and to move slowly. A look or voice can cause you to rush head first back into something before you are ready.

The first text

No matter how much you might miss your ex, or even how much you want him back, never begin by stating these feelings. Your first text should be light, and friendly. Save the emotions for a later time. In the beginning you are getting a feel for things. You are not trying to get him back at this point, you are just trying to reestablish rapport.

Leave the bad stuff in the past

While it is great to share happy memories, you want to leave the bad stuff behind. No one wants to be reminded of a past fight, or a painful time. Share memories of the good times, and conveniently leave out the not so good.

The above tips are just the beginning of how you can work on getting your ex back through texting. Once you establish contact. you will want to continue to do so and to move forward in careful steps. For now, start out with something a non committal text about a fun memory you had. Take things slow, and most importantly, remember to not bring up the bad things about the relationship.