A Smarter Way to Purchase Research Chemicals

When dealing with research chemicals, especially those used in medial and psychological applications, it has always been difficult to find a good, reliable source of legally obtainable, high quality products. Historically, availability has varied greatly from region to region, and in some parts of the world, there were no sources for these kinds of research chemicals. Fortunately, there has been an increase in on line sites where research chemicals can be obtained legally and safely. This makes finding a good supplier easier and more reliable, as on line sites are accessible from nearly any area. However, before ordering, you should check your local regulations regarding the purchase of research chemicals on line.

There are a number of research chemicals that are in demand for private use, including 4-Fluorococaine, which is available in a powder or pill form. Many online sites offer 4-Fluorococaine for sale , along with other compounds of a similar nature. The major uses and affects of 4-Fluorococaine should be listed in detail on these sites, as well as pages of information regarding the proper use and handling of 4-Fluorococaine and any legal restrictions on its purchase, possession or application.

4-Fluorococaine is derived from another substance called tropane, which is a synthetic compound with a chemical structure very similar to the naturally occurring cocaine. Like cocaine, 4-Fluorococaine inhibits the dopamine reuptake receptors and serotonin uptake receptors in the brain, producing the characteristic euphoric affect. But unlike cocaine, the synthetic 4-Fluorococaine often shows higher potency than its naturally occurring counterpart. 4-Fluorococaine has been the subject of a number of pharmacological studies, primarily on animals, that have shown specific effects when taken. This site is a well regarded and reliable supplier, able to deliver research chemicals that are certified for purity, potency and consistency.

When purchasing crystalline 4-Fluorococaine, it generally comes in powdered form. Look for sources that guarantee purity levels at or exceeding 99%. This substance, when ordered and used as directed on the site, is completely legal. However, it is often prudent to check your own local regulations regarding research grade chemicals, especially those used in pharmacological applications.

Along with 4-Fluorococaine , another research compound popular on this site is a cathinone class stimulant called 4-CMC, also known as Clephedrone. In addition to stimulating the central nervous system, 4-CMC has been known to produce hallucinations and other psychedelic and psychotropic effects. The compound is delivered as water soluble crystals which can be used orally or administered in a nasal spray application. All supplies of 4-CMC are guaranteed to be top quality with proper safeguards in terms of purity, packaging and consistency.

When purchased from reputable sources, these chemicals are available for legal sale in the US, the UK and most EU countries, though you should check on local regulations regarding specific compounds.

As with any active substance, consumers should be familiar with the major effects, side effects and health indications of the research chemicals purchased on this site. Check the supporting documentation for the compounds you are interested in before purchasing to insure a safe and healthy experience.