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The Raw Vegan Diet – Why It Is Great For Weight Loss The raw vegan diet is one of the popular tunnels in losing weight, it is a powerful tool followed to slim down the body and have that healthy lifestyle. This is a powerful partnership due to the fact that this diet is a combination of the world’s two best healthiest diets out there, its benefits are none like other and even modern diets can’t stand against it. Before it’s too late, people should be concerned of their eating habits and their lifestyle, with the weight issues on the rise, it is best to keep healthy bodies to avoid possible illnesses in the future. What more can be rewarding than to lose all the excessive weight with raw vegan diet? Below, you will see that there are 3 strong reasons why raw vegan diet is the best weight loss diet. Fact Number 1: Fatty, saturated meats are all omitted in the raw food vegan diet. Meat contains saturated fats and high levels of cholesterol, this can lead to clogging your arteries and obesity. It’s quite difficult for one to lose weight if they are heavy meat eaters, meat can make you feel groggy, sluggish and lazy. Your stomach can’t digest meat right away, thus making weight loss extra difficult for you.
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Fact Number 2: All foods that are hard to digest, including dairy products are omitted in the raw vegan diet.
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Dairy products, like meat, act similarly to the digestive system therefore making weight loss a bit harder to achieve. Cream and cheese, they can be both very fattening, this is because they give off too much extra calories, a little portion of this can add so much to your daily caloric intake. Unlike cows, we don’t have four digestive stomachs that can digest cow’s milk very well, this is why cow’s milk can be fattening to people. Unlike cows, humans only have one stomach to digest food, and human’s couldn’t exactly break down lactose as easily as cows do. This always result to flatulence, bloating and weight issues. Fact Number 3: The raw vegan diet is composed of low calories and low fat foods. When it comes to eating fruits and vegetables, they can be consumed in large amounts because they have such a low caloric content that it won’t make anyone gain weight. Rather than preventing lose weight, avocados, seeds and nuts can actually help out in losing weight because of their high density lipoprotein, a healthy kind of fat. For the body to function properly, the body needs polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. These kinds of fats are healthy for you, unlike those that you get from cheeses, oils and meat. Since craving is heavily dependent on the nutrients that our body lack, raw living foods are dense in nutrients therefore nourishing our bodies well.