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Four Things to Remember about Lawn Care A well-maintained lawn is a beauty for any household to have. The way you take care of your lawn will show in its appearance. But in order for your lawn to be in the best possible shape, you need to mow, water, feed, and aerate it regularly. Whether you are just maintaining a well cared for lawn or are doing it because you are planning to sell your house, lawn care adds value to your home. If you keep these few things in mind, you will have an easy time maintaining Lincoln lawn care. Remember first of all that mowing is something you need to do in lawn care. You need to keep in mind what the height of the grass should be when mowing, and cut only one-third its height from the ground. Leave the clippings behind in order to provide fertilizer for your grass. Mowing your lawn regularly maintains the grass in good health. Your mower blades should always be sharpened. Mowing in the same direction is not advisable. Do not mow wet grass because this can cause clumps to form and become a breeding ground for disease causing organisms.
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If you are going to choose a mower, pick the size that is compatible with the size of your lawn. Small mower for a small lawn. Big lawns might require a ride-on mower.
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Watering is the next thing to remember in Lincoln lawn care. Your grass will remain green and healthy if it regularly drinks. Watering the grass very early in the morning ensures that water goes to the grass and not to evaporation. Make sure the ground is soaked well enough in water so there is no need to repeat watering. Another thing to remember in Lincoln lawn care is feeding. Grass needs to be fed also in order for it to grow healthy and keep looking green and beautiful. It is also vital to have your soil tested for nutrient deficiency. The composition of your soil and its possible material deficiencies can also be known by testing. Fertilizing during various seasons like spring or summer requires the right kind of fertilizers. Lawn feeds used during spring or summer have more nitrogen and less phosphate components. On autumn season, low nitrogen and high phosphate feeds are in demand by the soil. Fine sand, ammonium, and iron sulfate can be poured on our yard to prevent the growth of weeds and moss that will eventually harm your grass. The best time to use this is in the latter part of spring. Lincoln lawn care also requires that your aerate your soil. The regular aeration of your soil is crucial in getting an ample supply of oxygen to reach the roots of your grass.