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A First Time Buyer’s Guide to Guitars Are you considering buying your first guitar? Learn first what to look for and the differences between each type of guitar. Guitars generally share some primary elements. You should know and understand what they are as a novice. Customarily, guitars have six strings. Then there is the bulky body, the long skinny neck, and the headstock at the far end of the neck from the body where the strings are tied to tuners. All guitars must be tuned to sound perfectly and to play on pitch. This is accomplished with the tuning pegs or tuning machines attached to the headstock. Found on the topmost side of the neck is the fretboard or fingerboard over which the strings are lined.
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Pressed into the fretboard are small metal creases which are called frets. The frets distinguish individual notes along the fingerboard and also make plain how to play on pitch.
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Just below the headstock and at the top of the fretboard is the nut which is a slotted piece of material. The strings are directed through the openings in the nut and terminated at the bridge located on the body’s far end. Strumming the strings causes vibrations between the nut and the bridge to produce the guitar sound. The vibration transforms into a sound dependent on whether the guitar is acoustic or electric. An acoustic guitar is unlike an electric guitar in some fashion. The most prominent difference is that you can play and hear an acoustic guitar without needing a power source. Acoustic guitars tend to be larger with a hollow sound chamber that amplifies the vibration of the instrument’s wooden top and body as the strings are plucked or strummed. The strings’ vibrations are transmitted to the body via the bridge. The properties of the wood used to manufacture an acoustic guitar have a major effect on its sound. The wood utilized for the top is eminently critical. Solid spruce, cedar, and other tonewoods produce better quality acoustics with crisp, articulate sounds. A lot of low-cost starter guitars are manufactured with laminate tops made from various layers of wood pressed together. Laminate is long-lasting and can be attractively designed but the tone it will produce will be less gratifying than that from solid wood. The same can be said for the guitar’s back and sides – solid wood will yield a better sound. For electric guitars, electronic pickups are utilized to generate their sound. Usually, one to three pickups are mounted in the body.A variety of sounds can be produced by the pickups taking into account the type of electronics and mounting location.