A Beginner’s Guide To Making Your Own Sushi

Fresh sushi is a delicious, healthy type of Japanese cuisine that has become very popular worldwide. Most people are familiar with the various types of sushi rolls. Sushi rolls generally consist of sticky rice, vegetables, and fish or shellfish which are bound together by a strip of dried seaweed and sometimes coated in a flavorful sauce or seasoning. Sushi can be purchased freshly made in some grocery stores and is also served at specialty restaurants.

A fun, more cost effective way to enjoy sushi is to make your own. An easy way to get started is by checking out sites like homesushikits.com for supplies and instructional information. The great part about making your own sushi is that you can customize it to your personal tastes and dietary needs. White rice is typically used, but this can be substituted for brown rice. Whichever rice you choose, the best way to prepare it is with a rice steamer, which will cook the rice to an ideal consistency. The seaweed used to bind the roll together is known as nori, but for those who do not like the distinct flavor of nori, soy paper or leafy greens can be used instead. For the filling of your sushi, vegetables like fresh cucumber, avocado, and bamboo shoots are commonly used and add a mellow flavor and pleasant texture. Some of the best seafood for sushi is tuna, snapper, salmon, and crab. If you plan to prepare your sushi with raw seafood, make sure you take all the necessary safety precautions to avoid getting sick.

Sushi rolls are typically served with fresh shredded ginger, wasabi paste, and soy sauce. Traditionally, they are eaten using chopsticks, but you can also use your hands or a fork if you are inexperienced with chopsticks. Experiment with different combinations of seafood, vegetables, and sauces until you find something you like. At first, it can be tricky to figure out what goes well together, so it is a good idea to start out replicating types of sushi you have seen in restaurants. Once you get the hang of it, modify them as you see fit to create something more unique.