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How to Find the Perfect Pizza Restaurant Around 94 percent of Americans are said to be regular pizza eaters. Wouldn’t your mouth water with each pizza party announcement in the office? At the cafeteria when you were a kid, didn’t the sight of pizza make you the happiest? Let’s admit it. Pizza is tops. But truth be told, we are flooded with bad pizza restaurants today. Luckily, some places have proven to be worthy of your cravings. How do you know which ones they are? There are ten signs of a pizza restaurant that you are bound to keep coming back to. When you know them, it will be easy to try out different places and make a good judgment. They will serve as your criteria with every joint you experiment with.
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The pizza crust enjoys the honor of being on top of this list. Is it too thin or too thick? Is it too tough or too doughy? Is it sweet or kind of bitter? Do you see those bread bubbles that make the crust so heavenly? Sauce Now check the sauce. Too thin or too thick? What do you think of the spices? Just enough, too weak or too strong? Toppings Do they put enough toppings? Is everything fresh? Is there enough pineapple? The bacon must be crispy. Cheese Definitely, the cheese is important. Is it of good quality or that type that disappears when exposed to a lot of heat? Is there too much, making the pizza taste greasy? Or too little that you see almost all of the sauce and crust? Price The price counts but only because you want to be sure you get your money’s worth. Are the size and quality of the pizza worth its price? Do they give discounts or specials? Sanitation Is the place clean? Are the floors greasy? Are there toppings or sauce splattered on the walls? What would probably happen if a health inspector made a surprise visit? Service Do the workers look happy? Do they thank you as you leave? Are they responsive to your needs? Are they ready with something before you could even ask? Do they bother to suggest appropriate items? Ambiance A good ambiance is nice to have, of course. Is the music just right and the volume suitable? Is there a TV? What shows are on? How do you find the lighting? Too bright, too dark or just enough? Location Is the restaurant location’s convenient? Do they deliver? How much do they charge for it? Owner Finally, does the owner make himself available? Does he open himself up to customers? Does he say thanks for your business, and does he ask how you find their pizza? Is he willing to listen to advice or criticism? There are good pizza restaurants where you don’t actually get to meet the owners, but it would be great if you could. So these are the most important things to look for in a pizza restaurant.