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Cooking and Grilling Burgers: Making the Perfect Patty with a Burger Press Good weather always spells family barbecues and cookout. This kind of gathering make springs and summers more memorable. With cool drinks and great food, we can never go wrong with this opportunity to enjoy the company of our family. And it makes sense that you arm yourself with equipment and tools that help make these gatherings get even better. Cooking and grilling burgers are staples in these gatherings and with a reliable burger press, preparations can become a breeze. Many of us might think that a burger patty press is not as elegant as other kitchen equipment. However, this kitchen tool can really help us a lot. And we do not have to spend too much on this equipment, if we take the time to review the options we have. It helps a lot that you do your research before you purchase a hamburger press, especially if you take your burgers seriously. There are several types of burger patty presses available on the market. And it even becomes more confusing when we get to the different features they have. One mistake that most people have is they underestimate this kitchen tool. Aside from helping us make round burger patties, this tool offers a lot more.
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Do not let yourself get carried away by all the features and select a burger press that you will maximize the use of features. Some models allow you to fiddle with the thickness of the patty from a quarter of an inch to more than an inch. Some might not really consider this a big deal but if you are cooking and grilling burgers for large groups, some might prefer thicker patties and some like their patties thin. There are also patty presses that come with ejector springs, allowing finished patties to pop out easily. This helps a lot in reducing the mess you need to deal with once you are done using the machine.
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Using your burger press is not limited to spring or summer family cookouts. This machine can also be used when you suddenly want to sink your teeth into a homemade hamburger. Whether it is beef, chicken or turkey, this machine can be used for pressing and shaping ground meat. If you want to make perfectly round burger patties that have consistent size and shape, having a hamburger press is a must. And once you decide to purchase one, make sure you take a good look at your options. With this machine, cooking and grilling burgers no longer need to be a big challenge. This kitchen tool will truly make your burgers a hit during your next family gathering.