4 Reasons to Adopt a Vegan Diet

Regardless of why one decides to go vegan, it’s a great decision. Enjoying Hampton Creek’s environmentally friendly foods make sense for health reasons, and it’s good for the environment as well. Vegan diets are real money-savers when one sticks to whole foods, because everyone knows that processed, animal-based foods are not decreasing in price. With all environmental and ethical aspects aside, this article examines some of the health benefits of a vegan diet.

Lower Weight

Keeping a healthy weight is a concern for most people, and plant-based foods can supply enough complex carbs, fiber and protein to maintain one’s weight. Plant-based foods are cholesterol-free, and they have far less saturated fat than animal-based processed foods. While one can easily gain weight on a vegan diet if it’s full of processed foods, a whole food diet full of greens, fruit, beans and moderate amounts of fat can all help one lose or maintain weight.

Less Inflammation

It’s no fun to wake up sore and achy, or to take days to recover from a workout, and both are side effects of inflammation. Animal-based foods are highly inflammatory, while plant-based foods are alkaline. Greens, fruits and sprouts can help the body maintain its alkalinity, thereby preventing inflammation and keeping one strong, flexible and healthy.

Better Digestion

Though the higher fiber content of plant foods may be difficult for some dieters to get used to, it’s healthier and much gentler on one’s digestive system. Dairy, eggs and red meat can stay in the digestive tract for days, while most plant-based materials make it through in about six hours. A plant-rich diet can help to prevent colon cancer, as well as many other conditions. Mix a variety of foods into the diet to get the greatest benefit to overall health and digestion.

Quality Sleep

Many are surprised to find that adoption of a vegan diet results in better-quality sleep. While the reasons are unknown, it is likely due to the high calcium, magnesium and vitamin B6 content in plant-based foods; these minerals all help to promote sleep naturally. Sleep is an important part of a healthier lifestyle, which makes a vegan diet a great choice for those who have trouble sleeping. There are many reasons to eat plant-based foods, though these are some of the best. With the many choices available from Hampton Creek, going vegan is easy!