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Importance of Law in a Society The guidelines that are set forth in any society have their importances. The regulations set aside in any society may be according to the culture, religion, or any other factors are important and very useful to any community. The way people relate to the society is controlled, and people are led. on how to work on any conflict arising in society. The free will comes with the availability of set rules in any society. Individuals who maintain the law have freedom to do what they feel like doing. Those whose go against the set conditions are all the time getting governmental follow-up. The people in power are at all the time ready to make sure that the lawbreakers are taken to the tribunal for hearing and proper conviction. Individuals must be warned against violating regulations that are put in place. Individuals preparing to go against the law do it taking very high measures. The law orders should be taken care by all peoples.
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Law in the society assists in protecting the people and especially the weak individuals from violence and attacks. You can imagine a state where people do what they will without considering or caring. Killing people, looting, raping and abusing power would be some of the practices so common and happening in the society.
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There being a robust set of rules peoples are given and provided, the harmful individuals would fear what would come as a consequence of the aggressions caused by them. A well-being culture is one whereby individuals are at liberty to grow economically. the freedom of growing a d checking for the much viable environment for expansion. Looking for a better environment to grow and expand economically. Therefore when there is law in society, then the people can work without fear of any attack. Law in our society helps in keeping our environment ordered. A clean surrounding is one that provides for the well-being of the individuals in a surrounding. The set conditions protects people from an unwanted environment. The land, air and the water that people used is protected and shielded from harm coming from the final waste from the industries that they release. The industries being driven and controlled by the regulation of the law limits such industries from releasing harmful wastes that would affect the health of the people. Therefore the regulations protect the individuals from such harmful residues from the manufacturing sites.